Health and Safety

Given the enormous importance on health and safety in the construction and engineering sector, it is no wonder that paramount importance must be placed on the equipment that protects those vulnerable people working below tons of earth and equipment.


The health and wellbeing of our customers is at the heart of Trenchmate. This priority stretches all the way from design, through construction, testing, usage and maintainence. Our shields have evolved over more than a decade of use, testing and real world feedback to now sit as the strongest, safest, most user friendly and safe shields available.


The design of our shield prioritises strength and safety. We use alloy to help reduce weight in appropriate areas but still maintain a strong focus on strength and safety. All the way from Trenchmates towing and lifting lugs, to shackles supplied, to extra strong connection and attachement bolts and pins, Trenchmate do not sacrafice safety.


Trenchmate build quality is first rate. Built to last and continue providing quality shoring for years to come. As a safegaurd, all of our Trench Shields are individually tested to gaurentee build quality and peace of mind. Our Trench Shields are placed under huge load in the most extreme scenario. Tested to not only safely meet the safety threshold but exceed it by at least 1.8 times.


We are constantly developing tools and accessories to improve the safety of our shields as a whole. Working with local health and safety experts, we are currently developing safety barriers to attach to the shields.


Trenchmate prides itself on having an exlemporary health and safety record and wish to help your teams ability to meet its health and safety goals.