Reasons to use Trenchmate

Trenchmate shields are the strongest, safest, most efficent shields available.

  • Build quality
  • Independent testing
  • Advanced design
  • Access to a large range of struts and accessories
  • Custom development of solutions available
  • New Zealand built and designed
  • Delivery service
  • Prebuilt to site on most occasions
  • Assistance on site
  • Fantastic safety record


Strength and Safety First

Trenchmate strongly believe trenching related accidents and tragedies can be prevented and are leading the charge to stop them.

Many shields in the market that claim to adhere to the standards by building their shields maximum strength to this standard**. Unfortunately this does not provide any room for error when calcutating load or provide any allowence for when a 20 ton excavator pulls up alongside!

All Trenchmate Shields are designed and tested to the AS4744.1.2000 & AS5047.2005 Standards. Our shields not only meet these specifications but are tested to a limit which includes a safety margin of between 1.8 and 2 times the required rating. We give our shields both a Safe Working Load (SWL) rating and maximum load limit.

Trenchmate also have available our own range of safety barriers to increase visibility and provide a physical barrier to help protect people from falling into the trench. Trenchmate Trench Shields (including Supa Shields, Trench Shields and Versa Shields) can all provide protection for your team to an impressive 6m.

**What this means is that other shield manufactures who, for example, claim a rating of 20kPa, may only have a SWL of between 10 and 12kPa, well below what is required against the Standards and, more importantly, what is required to keep workers safe.



Trenchmate shields have been designed, refined and tested for over a decade. New features, tweeks and improvements in both the engineering and functionality have resulted in the strongest, safest and easiest shields on the market to use.

Trenchmate Trench Shields are super strong.

Trenchmate have the Supa Shield for extreme loads and conditions. Steel Trench Shields are also available to provide supreme strength while also capitalising on the features and functionality provided by our Trench Shields. Trenchmate alloy range also provides well over the standards required for trench shields while significantly reducing their weight and providing maximum features.

Trenchmate Trench Shields, in both steel and alloy, have cutting edges along the bottom and front edge, strong lifting and towing lugs plus extensions and connectivity to protection to a depth of 6m!

Trenchmate Trench Shields also have accessories available to help raise the trenchshield off the trench floor and safety barriers to help prevent falls.

The Trenchmate Shields have design features which allow some individual vertical movement in each shield panel. This gives them a distinct advantage over other trench shields in terms of manoeuvrability and safety. Trenchmate Shields are designed such that if they become stuck in a trench and cannot be towed forward, each side can be individually raised, a little at a time, enabling safe and economic extraction.

Trenchmate shields come in convenient, industry lead and appropriate dimensions to reduce material removal and allow safe, efficient and effective use.