Road Plates

Trenchmate Road Plates are developed for use on roads that have had a trench cut into it, or to cover a manhole prior to fitting of cover. Another situation is when you have cut through road seal to dig a trench, and have refilled the trench but not yet resealed, use road plate for the safety of people and vehicles as well as to protect your existing sealed surface so that it does not break away.

The Trenchmate Road Plates have a non slip (rough) coating for safe use in most conditions (add traction to vehicles in those wet muddy environments). Trenchmate Roadplates come with the ability to use 6.5 ton shackles to help move and adjust them,plus serveral convenient locating holes.

One major benefit of Trenchmate Roadplates is the ability to hang them from the struts of our shields using custom Roadplate Mounting Brackets.





_Weight (each)
2.5m x 1.5m x 25mm 710 kg
3.0m x 1.6m x 25mm 950 kg



Alloy Shield 3800