All of Trenchmate shields come with the ability to be extended.

Shield extensions allow you to work safely at greater depths by attaching to the top of a shield. Shield extensions come with the same panel thickness and strut attachment to allow consistent width, length. This provides a level consistent protective surface for greater safety and efficency. All shield extensions provide the same strength safety, strength and continue the ability to fit Trenchmates range of accessories.



Trench Shield Extension

All of the Trench Shields come with matching 1200mm extensions (except the 4.6m Alloy Trench Shield which has a 600mm extension). This provides a safe working depth of 3.6m of protected depth (3m for the 4.6m Alloy Trench Shield). These extensions are rated to the same strength, use the same struts and can fit all of Trenchmates Trench Shield accessories.

3.8m Alloy Shield with Extension

Trench Shield Stacking

For greater depth a matching shield can be flipped and attached on top to provide an impressive 4.8m of protected working depth.


For the deepest works, a shield, extention and a flipped shield can all be connected together to allow a massive 6m of protected working depth, all with the same dimensions, struts and strength.

Alloy Shield 3800

Supa Shield Extension

The Supa Shield extention is an exact replica of the original panels, taking this brute from dimensions of 3m in height to a mighty 6m in height by 5.2m in length. The same extreme strength rating continues into the extension providing heavy duty protection over a very large space.


Alloy Shield 5100

Versa Shield Extension

Versa Shield boxes and shields stack upon themselves. This gives shoring protection at 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.6m and 4.8m depths. The same internal and external dimensions can be maintained along with the ability to remove panels to proved access or clearance*.

*certain panels can not be removed as they are required to ensure strength and structural integrity are maintained.



Alloy Shield 6800