Trench Shield Struts

Trenchmate Trench Shields struts bring great diversity and options to your Trenchmate Trench Shield. They fit both Alloy and Steel Trenchmate Trench Shields and proved a lot of flexibility and selection to your trench shoring needs. All of our struts are made from high tensile steel. They are designed to be very low maintainence, have high reliability and ease of use while being strong to give peace of mind, protection and durability. Our trench shield struts are designed to have only 2 degrees of movement at the connections to provide a strong, stable, sound shield.



Fixed Struts

Trenchmate fixed struts are incredibly low maintainence, reduced weight but incredibly strong. Fixed at industry requested widths these sruts are strong and stable.


Internal width_

_____Weight of 4____ Strut Code
610mm 100kg TSFS0610
710mm 120kg TSFS0710
2570mm 360kg TSFS2570



Alloy Shield 3800


Adjustable Struts

Adjustable struts are simple to use and adjust. Adjustable in 100mm increments they can span to fit most projects. Very reliable, very low maintainence and easy to use.


Internal width_

____Weight of 4_____

Strut Code
880 - 1180mm 240kg TSAS0880
1280 - 1980mm 328kg TSAS1280
2070 - 2770mm 360kg TSAS2070
2570 - 3270mm 420kg TSAS2570



Alloy Shield 3600


Offset Struts

Offset struts are designed to give greater clearance below the bottom strut. Perfect for clearing larger pipes or services. These are used in conjunction with other struts (at the top) to provide a range of higher clearance options. Shield internal width with struts:


Internal width_

____Weight of 4____

Strut Code
1980mm 516kg TSOS1980
2270mm 592kg TSOS2270
2570mm 668kg TSOS2570
3270mm 840kg TSOS3270






Alloy Shield 5100

High Clearance Struts

High Clearance struts are so called because they provide up to 2.5m clearance below the bottom strut. Perfect for really large projects where you need a lot of clear space without the interference of struts. Used prodominantly for large diameter pipes or a large protected working space at depth. These struts are specifically designed for the Supa Shield but also fit both Alloy and Steel Trench Shields for a large variety of lengths.


Internal width_

_Weight plus 4 struts Strut Code
1360mm 1000kg TSHC
3090mm 1586kg TSHC-SRT01
3310mm 1656kg
5040mm 2242kg Combined



Alloy Shield 6800