Alloy Trench Shield Accessories

All alloy and steel Trenchmate Trench Shields (except for 4.6m trench shields) are compatible with all of the accessories below.

Each accessory has been led by industry demands for solutions that provide time saving and or increased safety. Also included below are the indispensable shackles and lifting chains.


Trench Shield Extensions

Shield extensions allow you to safely work at greater depths by attaching to the top of a shield. Shield extensions provide the same strength safety, strut attachment to allow the same width and are the same length and panel thickness to provide a level consistent protective surface.

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Alloy Shield 3800


Shield Box

Trenchmate have developed a clever system that enables our shields to be utilised in a box formation using the panels of our Trench Shields. This versatility allows larger scale boxes to be built using a combination of shields. Available in 3.6, 3.8, 4.6, 5.1 and 6.8m square boxes to a maximum depth of 7.2m! Many of these shields can also be used in combination for a variety of dimensions and projects.

Ideal for providing a safe working space for installing services, formwork, lift wells, foundations, large manholes and much more.

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Alloy Shield 3600


Trench Shield Safety Barriers

Designed to provide greater visibility and some protection to help prevent falls into the trench. They help keep workers and bystanders at a safe distance from the trench edge. Light weight, easy to erect, and visible they will help maintain good health and safety practices and reduce your site hazards.

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Alloy Shield 3600

Trench Shield Props

Shield props attach to Trenchmate Shields and allow them to be held up off the trench floor. A skid foot allows the shield to be moved easily, and adjustable legs allow for variable heights.

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Alloy Shield 3600

Trench Shield Cloth holder

Given the new demands for seismic protection and the mandatory use of cloth, Trenchmate have provided an option to allow for cloth to be held up on the insides of a Trenchmate Shield. 

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Alloy Shield 3600

Lifting Chains

4 legged, 6 and 14 ton lifting chains suitable for lifting and moving our shields plus a range of other construction tasks.

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9.5 ton and 6.5 ton shackles are available to hire. We only supply quality green pin shackles.

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Alloy Shield 3600


Porter Engineering can design, develop, test and manufacture individual products to suit your companies needs and requirements, contact us to discuss your specifications and requirements.