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Quality construction from a parent company with excellent credentials. Trenchmate Alloy Trench Shields are developed exclusively by Porter Engineering Ltd solely for Trenchmate.

Trenchmate have Steel Trench Shields and Alloy Trench Shields available either to buy or to hire. We are also able to custom make shields to order.

Each shield is independantly tested to guarantee build quality and safety peace of mind. Copies of the certification and soil charts are available on request. Alloy Shields are certified and rated for use up to SWL 35 kPa and Max 63 kPa



Alloy Shield 3600


Cutting Edge

All Trenchmate Trench Shields have both bottom and front cutting edges to allow efficient towing along the trench. Trenchmate believe in providing both front and bottom cutting edges to allow for different methodologies and situations. The front cutting edges are invaluable when towing and make a tremendous difference to both speed and ease of movement.



Alloy Shield 3600


Towing and Lifting Lugs

Extremely strong lifting and towing lugs provide a very strong and stable connection with the shield.

To accommodate manoeuvring all of our Trench Shields have towing and lifting lugs and our Steel Trench Shields are rated up to 12 ton towing strength and 24 ton lifting strength. The only product we are aware of that has anywhere near this level of strength in the lifting points, designed to handle the extra weight of suction and stuck on clay.




Alloy Shield 3600


All Trenchmate Trench Shields have the versatility of extension panels, stacking and have been designed in a range of sizes to suit industry standard dimensions. All Trenchmate Trench Shields also able to access to our range of accessories to increase safety and productivity.

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Alloy Shield 3600


Shield Box

Trenchmate have developed a clever system that enables our shields to be utilised in a box formation using the panels of our Trench Shields. This versatility allows larger scale boxes to be built using a combination of shields. Available in 3.6, 3.8, 4.6, 5.1 and 6.8m square boxes to a maximum depth of 7.2m! Many of these shields can also be used in combination for a variety of dimensions and projects.

Ideal for providing a safe working space for installing services, formwork, lift wells, foundations, large manholes or much more.

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Alloy Shield 3600


Strut Options

A broad range of struts are available to suit nearly all trenching needs. Fixed, adjustable, offset and high clearance struts provide a plethora of solutions to fit your trenching needs. Struts are available that give internal widths from 610mm to 3275mm.

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Alloy Shield 3600