Versa Range

Trenchmates Versa range is the most versatile and efficient system for shoring small, awkward or difficult projects.

Available in a range of sizes and options to suit almost any project.


Versa Box

The Versa Box is commonly used for manholes, laterals, installing or accessing pumps, services, lift wells and more.

Creating a box is as simple as choosing the right Corner Posts to allow the correct depth of your work. Boxes can be connected together to form taller boxes for deeper work.

The next step is to choose the panels and / or strut that allow you sufficient internal space to complete your work. Let us know which panels you would need left out (if any) to allow access or clearance.

Last, choose any accessories that you believe will make your project safer or progress faster.

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Alloy Shield 3600


Versa Octo-Box

The Octo-Box is the latest addition to the Versa range. Created due to demand from the industry for a large scale Versa Box. The Octo-Box has special Corner Posts that utilise the panels available in the Versa range to create large diameter boxes, perfect for large manholes, pumps, accessing services and pouring large foundations.

The octagonal shape reduces the amount of material needed to be removed from corners of traditional square or rectangular boxes.


Alloy Shield 3600


Versa Shield

Versa Shields allow the same benefits as a box but in an open ended shield form. These shields are commonly used for laterals, spaces and / or projects that require small shields, shields with openings to allow installation or access. These shields are light weight and allow the use of smaller excavators to move or adjust them.

Some projects have used these particular shields due to complicated access as this shield can be transported in parts and assembled on site. Issues such as narrow passages, paths or work at the rear of a building with limited access.

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Trenchmate Versa Shield with Adjustable Struts


Versa Customisation

Given the Versa Ranges plethora of configurations, it perfectly adapts to formwork. Made to assist with complicated shoring around foundations, concrete formwork or to help shore and protect formwork. Versa shoring solutions make working on hill sites and tight complicated sites a lot more managable.

The ability to finally solve difficult shoring scenarios is here.

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Alloy Shield 3600



As the name suggests, the Versa Range is a unique versatile shoring system. The nature of the design enables you to create multiple configurations with the same components or include additional components as required.

You can use the Versa Shield products as a traditional trench shoring solution with two sides held apart with struts to shore the shield in a trench or change it into a Versa Box utility drop box with fully enclosed sides.

Other combinations include the ability to add one or more open ends to allow pipes to run into the enclosure while still shoring the sides of your trench or hole. Shields can be stacked on top of one another to increase the effective depth or join the shields to one another horizontally to increase the length of the shield system. Shields can be adjusted up and down via the corner channels and multiple mounting holes to accommodate the ability to run pipes underneath a shield which enables numerous pipes to run into a junction and be worked on safely.



As with all Trenchmate products, they are built strong, safe and secure. The Trenchmate Versa Range is no different, with superior build quality, engineering and materials.



More precise fit and unsurpassed access to services makes the Versa Range very efficient by heavily reducing the amount of material needed to be removed. The strong stable build combined with the versatility of the design makes it fast and efficient to place, use and remove, dramatically speeding up your project.