Versa Range Components

Our unique Versa system is made up of three major items, Posts (legs), panels (walls) and struts.


Fixing Posts

The Versa Range comes in two base sizes, 1.8m and 2.4m heights. These can be also be stacked and combined to give extra heights of 3.6m, 4.2m and 4.8m.

Each leg has a strong central lifting point which can fit 6.5 ton shackles to aid lifting and moving.

Legs are also available as a corner, one direction or 3 directions (T formation) in 2.4m tall varieties.

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Alloy Shield 3600



A broad selection of panels make up the protective walls and can be adjusted to suit each projects needs.

Available from 400mm to 2400mm panels. Most panels are 600mm high and can be left out at appropriate points to give access to pipes, fittings etc.

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Versa panel


Adjustable Struts

Versa Shield adds to its versatility by having adjustable struts. This allows Versa Shield to operate at a conventional trench shield. This helps create a very diverse range of shield lengths to suit many different roles. Often used for laterals.

It can also be integated into any other Versa Shield configuration.

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Versa Shield


Versa Shield Accessories

Versa Shield has further had its versatility and functionality extended by integrating a range of clever accessories. These can help increase the ease of use, safety and productivity.

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Versa Props


Versa Shield Configurations

Versa Shield has a huge range of options from the available components.

For complicated projects or jobs where traditional shields just will not do, try versa shield.

Some of the more common uses and configurations are shown but there are many many more options to suit your unique project available

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Versa Configurations